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Trials Of Unrest


Trials Of Unrest is a Third Person Adventure RPG game based on a young child named Owen. Owen lost his favorite pillow and is no longer able to sleep. The only way for him to find it is to search the town and run errands for the various citizens who also seem to have lost items dear to them.


This game was created during Global Game Jam 2021 for the theme, "Lost and Found".


Version 1.0 is what we were able to complete within the time limits of the jam. Version 1.1 is closer to what we wanted to complete minus a few bugs .

Patch Notes

  • Ver 1.1 - What we were aiming for
    • Audio
      • Main Menu Music plays and loops correctly.
      • Character SFX removed from autoplaying in the Main Menu.
      • Audio listener attached to Owen instead of camera.
      • Fixed jump/land SFX
      • Fixed Owen cheer sound
      • Fixed NPC talking sounds
      • Fixed success music
      • All prop sounds implemented
      • Fixed footstep sounds
      • Added gate sound
      • Added dialogue popup/end sounds
      • Audio settings are persistent now
      • Audio is mixed in game correctly
    • Art/Animation
      • Replaced “Interact” UI graphic
      • Fixed character talk animations
      • Added Owen cheering animation
      • Added character cheering animations
      • Added character and prop minimap icons
    • Code
      • NPC conversations fixed
      • Mini map working correctly
      • Sleepiness no longer increases when speaking to characters
      • Characters now turn to face Owen when speaking with them
      • Resolution Dropdown is working correctly now
      • Menu buttons now work with a controller
      • Reduced game file size
    • Design
      • Gave more time to complete game
      • Swapped road mesh/material, improved roads
      • Adjusted misplaced environmental items
      • Blocked off the Mayor’s house with a gate, must open to get dog food
      • Lighting improved
      • Added inventory UI


Bart Hipp - Composer

Garin T - Writer - https://gjturner5.wixsite.com/website

Jacob W - Programmer

Miguel Cintra - Sound Designer - https://miguelcintra11.wixsite.com/3g-ghost-pro

Nathan Wilcox - Sound Designer - https://www.nathanwilcoxmusic.com/

Nicole Tabb - 3D Artist - https://www.artstation.com/nicoletabb

Samuel Bartels - Designer/Developer

Seth Rolfe - Designer/Developer - https://sethrolfe.com/

Travis Ousley - 3D Artist


TrialsOfUnrest_v1.0 791 MB
TrialsOfUnrest_v1.1 729 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip file then run the executable. On Windows 10 you may need to click on the "Run Anyways" security pop up.


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